About us:

We are flexible and dynamic company with rich experiences in the field. We put emphasis on customer’s satisfaction. That means professional and quality service inherently. Our team offers you the best services in the field.

We have been doing this business since 2000.

Each our employee had to undergo seleciton process. We put emphasis on very good care, discretion, clean criminal record. Our employees are well trained in both field of housecleaning and safety regulation. ABEYA s.r.o. and our employees have insurance for a case of damage at Česká pojišťovna.

We follow customs of your family in order to avoid distractions in your house – individual approach to every household and exchange of housekeeper ain case of client dissatisfaction is commonplace.

According to the requirement of the client we offer two types of contracts, one according to the Civil Code and second according to Commercial Code.

Our housekeepers work on a proper employment contract, workers of the company ABEYA s.r.o., that means they dont have their own trade license.

We are not VAT payers

Abeya name is derived from the Spanish word abeja, our housekeepers are as diligent as a bees.

In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact us.


ABEYA s.r.o.

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